Our faith community can be nourished by active participation in parish groups that meet for prayer, social action, leisure and the support of others in the life of the Church. To share our lives in these ways allows us to offer ourselves and draw strength from each other.

We have many different groups to enable parishioners to get to know other people from the same community in a deeper way.

A group strives to recreate the make-up of a natural extended family with all its different quirks and personalities. Those who join also are keen to provide their children with opportunities for Christian sharing, directly and indirectly. For as Jesus reminds us: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

To be involved in a parish group, you don’t have to be deeply religious. Many non-church members have found belonging to a parish group is a great way of becoming involved in the faith life of their family.

Groups are of varying sizes, with a cross-section of ages and stages including one-parent families, single people, elderly and young. Everyone is welcome to join, from grandparents to babies.