SVP Springfield and Furniture Bank

The aim of the SVP (Society of St Vincent de Paul) is to meet the needs of the poor in body and spirit in our own parish and in the wider world - people of all denominations and none.

The SVP Springfield Conference visit the elderly and housebound in their homes and run 3 Tea parties each year, usually in February, June and September. These are attended by up to 70 older people who come along for tea, sandwiches, cake and live entertainment from our wonderful musicians.

SVP Springfield give financial help to the needy in the area e.g. providing Foodbank vouchers, help with heating, school uniforms, etc. We also provide some summer holiday fun for some local families in need and distribute supermarket food surpluses.

Further afield, the Springfield SVP are twinned with three SVP conferences in India and two in Sudan. As well as supporting with prayer and some financial assistance, we fundraise for a number of projects in South Sudan.

Personal information about our beneficiaries is treated confidentially.

SVP members meet for prayer, support, co-ordination of visits and activities. Friends of the SVP/Auxilary members offer help with activities and transport. You can contact the SVP Springfield Conference via the parish office or e-mail

SVP Furniture Bank

The SVP Springfield Furniture Bank provides furniture, carpets and household items for people moving into unfurnished accommodation who cannot afford to provide these items for themselves and we also support individuals and families in need, who cannot afford to replace key items of household equipment/furniture. Most of our items are donated items supplied second hand to the beneficiary. However, our prime source of funding for carpets and cookers is to post funding appeals on the Acts 435 website.

Acts 435 is a giving website that allows people to give money directly to others, and 100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. The website puts people who want to help, in touch with funding requests for people who are in need, through a network of churches and local charities. Acts 435 are a key partner to the operation of the Furniture Bank. For more information on Acts 435 go to their website:

If you have unwanted items of furniture/household equipment or bikes that we could offer to our beneficiaries, please contact the Furniture Bank on 0330 043 6474 or using the link below.

For more information on the SVP Springfield Furniture Bank please see our Facebook page: